Simon Conant, Security Program Manager with the MSRC

Simon Conant, Security Program Manager with the MSRC

As the newest member of the team, I flew into Redmond on the Sunday before February’s “Update Tuesday” (i.e. the release of Microsoft’s February security updates).  Although originally from New Zealand, I’m moving right now from Germany, where for the past few years I have worked for Microsoft’s Product Support Service, looking after Security Program Management for Europe, Middle East and Africa.  I’ll be bringing with me time in Microsoft’s worldwide field and experience and empathy from working directly with Microsoft’s customers, particularly for security threats and deploying patches.

The primary work of the MSRC can perhaps be listed under two basic headings: co-ordination of Microsoft’s vulnerability reporting and fixing process; and coordinating Microsoft’s software security threat mobilization process software crisis management.  The combination of both of those within my first week here – including a large update release cycle into two figures and the largest technical webcasts for the security updates we have yet run – mixed with a healthy dose of jet-lag makes a most interesting job (and rather large bags under my eyes).  But we get really lucky when we have the opportunity to spend “face time” with our customers, as at RSA.  It may sound strange, but I’m really looking forward to getting that real time feedback from customers because when it contains constructive criticism and points for potential improvement, you can bet we’ll be taking very close note of these so we can improve our process and better help protect our customers.  You see in the MSRC we do have the opportunity for changing and improving the way we deliver our service to customers, and this is driven by YOU.  So don’t be shy, do come to our stand and help us to understand YOUR job. And maybe win an X-Box game in the process πŸ˜‰


Simon Conant

Security Program Manager, MSRC

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