Welcome to the MSRC at RSA

Welcome to the MSRC at RSA

Thanks for checking out the Microsoft Security Response Center blog from RSA.  While it’s not quite RSA yet, we wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you all and give you a little insight into what you can expect to see on the MSRC blog as we head into RSA. 

First, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the members of the MSRC that will be heading down to RSA this year and who will be contributing to this blog:

  • Debby Fry Wilson, Director with the MSRC
  • Kevin Kean, Director with the MSRC
  • Stephen Toulouse, Security Program Manager with the MSRC
  • Simon Conant, Security Program Manager with the MSRC

The MSRC blog from RSA is intended to provide onsite commentary about news announcements, key trends in the security industry, and perspectives from the MSRC team members on the latest security resources and guidance across the industry from the RSA show floor.  We’ll update the blog periodically as we head into RSA, February 14th-18th, but check back for updated content from the Microsoft Security Response Center this week as well.

For more information on Microsoft security efforts we encourage you to visit www.microsoft.com/security.


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