Stephen Toulouse, Security Program Manager with the MSRC

Stephen Toulouse, Security Program Manager with the MSRC

My introduction to security response was the Slammer attack.  I’d been on the MSRC team for all of a month, and suddenly this attack on SQL servers appears, even impacting the Internet!  I had just moved up to Seattle and was trying to sell my old house, buy a new house, and move all my belongings up here.  Suddenly I’m in the middle of a room with a bunch of Vice Presidents and some very smart security people, working non-stop to get information out to customers so that they could be protected.  It’s hard to imagine now, two years later, that I ever did anything else.

Prior to joining the MSRC I was in Microsoft’s Product Support Services section, like my buddy Simon.  But unfortunately I didn’t get stationed in some exotic location like Germany!  Nope I worked in sunny Las Colinas, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. I joined Microsoft in 1995 supporting Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 5.0. I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary at Microsoft and I’m very tired.    I’m the communications manager for security response, and I’d like that communication to be two way.  So like Simon mentioned be sure to tell us how we’re doing!

Stephen Toulouse

Security Program Manager, MSRC

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