Alive and kicking at the end of Day 2!

Alive and kicking at the end of Day 2!

It’s almost 6:30 and while the MSRC “Wheel of Fortune” has finally stopped spinning my head has not.  I cannot get over how many people are here, and how many stop and discuss Microsoft’s security efforts (I am sure it has nothing to do with X-Box game giveaways.)  A few people have shown surprise at having actual MSRC staff and management here in front of them. They seem to enjoy discussing their thoughts on security as much as we are enjoying getting face time with real customers.  It’s great to hear people happy with not only what Bill Gates said this morning, but with their experience in what we have delivered over the past year. There’s a very clear message on what we in the MSRC need to do more of; they are telling us that they want us to be a one-stop security resource — they don’t want to have to chase around for information on vulnerabilities and updates. Exactly the kind of message that we are acting upon. Over the last year we’ve started to do that with the Advance Notification program, incident pages, webcasts and newsletters, but we’re hearing loud and clear that you want more. We’ll be taking this message back to Redmond to see what we can do.


On another note, antivirus and anti-spyware solutions are certainly in the limelight here. These are an important asset in building a comprehensive response to security threats, but I hope people understand that these aren’t the solution alone. There’s no single “silver bullet” in security. 


I want to talk about deployment tools too, since they’ve been a hot topic in the MSRC booth today, but I have to run now – maybe more on that tomorrow. The doors for the reception are opening and my teammates are dragging me in. Even though I met hundreds of customers today, I want to meet more. Swing by our spot tomorrow- I’m the guy with the accent.
-Simon Conant


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