Bill Gates Keynote: Internet Explorer 7.0!

Bill Gates Keynote: Internet Explorer 7.0!

I am absolutely ecstatic to repeat Bill Gates’ announcement this morning at RSA that there will indeed be an Internet Explorer 7.0!  The Internet Explorer team is a great bunch of people who’ve been watching the interest in new functionality and security intently.  Internet Explorer is one of the most popular Windows components for customers, and due to its high level of interoporability it’s been a challenge for us security wise.  That’s why the focus for IE7 will be to build on and broaden the progress made with SP2, while putting in place even stronger defenses against phishing, malware and spyware.  As Bill mentioned, we’ll be doing a beta in the summer.  That’s all the information for now but I’m incredibly excited about this product.  We’ll be making more posts from the floor soon!


Stephen Toulouse



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