Kevin Kean, Director with the MSRC

Kevin Kean, Director with the MSRC

My first impression of RSA this year is  – wow RSA has really grown!  The scale reminds me of some of the networking shows a few years ago.  This morning a huge number of people were signing up for the full conference.  For anyone familiar with the Moscone center in San Francisco – think 10 or so lines of pre-registered attendees stretching all the way from the doors down the stairs.   I took a quick walk through the convention floor too, and the scale of the show reflects all this interest.  As the Director of the MSRC, I like to think all this attention on security is great.  As smart dedicated people focus on solving security problems, and as secure computing becomes more main-line for companies and for consumers, the industry will continue to work together to help make the computing experience safer for everyone.   MSRC is happy to be part of RSA this year.  Enjoy our blog!


Kevin Kean

Director, MSRC


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