Securi-tini anyone?

Securi-tini anyone?

We had a great time last night at a party Microsoft hosted. It was at the Foreign Cinema, which is an awesome restaurant with enormous white walls everywhere that they play movies on.  People mingled, eating fantastic food and drinking the occasional “Securi-tini” or “Harvey Firewall-banger” and movies played on the walls all around us.  It was funny to see entire conversations stop as people suddenly watched the bridge shootout sequence from Brian DePalma’s “The Untouchables” or watched Jimmy Cagny get into a fistfight.  There’s sort of a multiple nodding of heads “wow that was a great movie” then back to talking about security.


The conversations were great.  Everyone in the security business starts the same way by asking, “What’s the best way to protect computer users?”  There’s always different opinions about how to do that, but I love that every discussion begins with helping to protect the users in mind. It might just be over a “securi-tini,” but every conversation like this is another step towards better security as a whole.


I’m off to do a booth presentation, but I’ll post more later with my thoughts walking the expo floor and seeing all the different exhibitions!

-Stephen Toulouse



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