Trends, or lack thereof…

Trends, or lack thereof…

Sometimes you can pick up a common theme when you go to an industry show.  You find that lots of vendors are talking about topic X or half of the talks seem to mention topic Y.  I still haven’t found that common theme though at this event.   Looking at the session guide, you can find sessions on everything from IM to PKI configuration, to virus research, to the legal aspects of security.  There is even an entire track that talks primarily about how to think about security in the context of your business rather than just as a technology. 


What occurs  to me that is that this lack of a single theme may mirror some of the real world problems people face in trying to apply security to their environments – and I’m thinking everyone from the home user to the IT professional at the largest corporation.   Technology is changing fast and people are finding clever, sometimes unforeseen ways to employ that technology.  New threats are emerging all the time.  It isn’t really surprising that there are so many diverse security tools being offered today.


My  mind is racing through this, and this posting could quickly become a white paper instead of a blog, so I’m just going to end here and maybe pick it up later.   I am heading out the door for dinner with my team, but let me make a final point for those of us in the security industry.   We have an opportunity here to show our users leadership and give them guidance.  There is a lot out there to confuse people, and it is up to us to clear that confusion. It’s a huge responsibility, but not one we can ignore.
-Kevin Kean


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