Helping Customers Face to Face

Helping Customers Face to Face

It’s hard work to stand the whole day, as anyone who has worked a conference will tell you.  But it’s really also a lot of fun to hear the stories from our customers (though I do fear I’m going to learn some kind of Pavlovian response to the “click click click” of the MSRC “Wheel of Fortune” in my ear the whole day!).  Yesterday I listened to a really painful story that one customer had with a virus infection that he just could not get rid of. The virus was preventing any kind of antivirus or software updates from installing, and was causing unsolicited pornographic sites to launch to his young daughter.  I wrote down for him the number of Microsoft’s free support service for victims of virus infections, 1-866-PCSafety, although if I had been able to, I would have had a look at his machine myself.  Stephen Toulouse, my MSRC counterpart, came to me last night and said that later this customer had come back to thank us, as the Product Support Services team at PCSafety had helped him eradicate the virus from his machine.  Most of our corporate customers also have PCs at home, and we have to make sure we are thinking about the needs of every customer that we have.

On a side note, we all have bottles of water at the booth (and most certainly worth the $3 each I am sure). In order to not get mixed up, we write our initials on the bottle. Mine is the one with the “S” on it. Or is that Shira… Or Stephen…

Time to head down to the show floor now – this has been hard but rewarding work, and I can’t believe how quickly the week has flown by.  Do drop in and say “hi” if you are here!

-Simon Conant



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