Musings at midnight from the “W” bar

Musings at midnight from the “W” bar

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, I found myself hanging out in a very crowded “W” bar at midnight last night – well past my bedtime – unless, of course, there is some security incident, in which case I would be sitting in my chair at our war room looking and sounding grouchy – but anyway I digress – back to the “W” bar . . . . 


There was quite a crowd there last night as there as RSA attendees gathered to cap off the night after various evening functions.  Stephen, Simon and I plopped down in some cushy chairs and just started chatting with folks.  There were many common themes – complaints about sore feet, over-priced bottles of water at the Moscone Center, rain – to name a few. 


But the one compelling common theme to me, in talking to my industry peers, is the absolute sense of dedication and deep-rooted belief that what we do in the security industry is genuinely significant and consequential to the world at large.  That what we do is bigger and more purposeful than just selling security products.  It is about keeping customers and computer users around the world secure from ever-increasing threats. 


One of the RSA award winners, in his acceptance speech, said “we are in a “noble profession.”  And when you think about it — and when you start talking to colleagues in the industry – you certainly get the sense that we are working for a common good – and that’s a great feeling.



Stephen and Simon were still yucking it up in the bar when I called it a night, so I hope they are surviving at the booth today. I’m on my way to the airport and heading home.

-Debby Fry Wilson



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