The MSRC heads back to Redmond

The MSRC heads back to Redmond

In addition to spending time with customers and partners at RSA — as well as some eager, repeat “Wheel” fans — we had the opportunity to spend a couple of evenings with some of the journalists who cover security issues.  This was a particularly valuable opportunity for the team to build relationships with security reporters and to share insights with them into what we do.

In our world, press coverage is one of the most efficient and broad-reaching ways to communicate to the world at large during a security incident.  Therefore it is absolutely essential that we deal with the media with the same integrity and transparency that we endeavor to achieve when we communicate directly with our customers. 

We rely on the media to help us amplify up-to-the-minute critical information to customers when there is a security issue.  Therefore, it is a hard-core standard practice for our team that there be no waffling, no sugar-coating, no hyping, no anything but the bare bones facts when interacting with the media on security issues — which happens to be our same commitment in interacting with customers.  

We very much appreciated getting a chance to spend more time with key reporters, particularly outside of a “news” event

Overall, RSA has been a tremendous coming out party for the MSRC and a great opportunity to for us to meet customers, partners and many more — and to showcase a little of what we do.

Thank you to everyone on the team for their hard work.  And thank you to those of you who visited the booth, spun the wheel, took our survey — or just spent a few moments getting to know us.  Hope to see you next year!

-Debby Fry Wilson



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