And introducing….

And introducing….

I’m Mike Reavey the Operations Lead for the Microsoft Security Response Center.  I wanted to take a second to introduce myself and what my team does within the MSRC.   Have you ever wondered who’s watching around the clock to respond to new vulnerabilities?  Or who works with the security researchers, product teams, and external partners to ensure a security update is complete and delivered to our customers?  Or maybe who is authoring the bulletins that describe the issues addressed by our security updates?  That’s my team, and as you can tell from the brief description above, they are a dynamic team, with a diverse skill set and a strong commitment to solving the hard problems helping to make our customers as secure as possible. 

On that note, today is the second Tuesday of the month which is the day that Microsoft issues the monthly security bulletins and this month, Microsoft will not issue any new security updates.  Microsoft started the monthly security update release process on the second Tuesday of each month because customers told us they wanted to receive security guidance and updates on a more predictable and manageable schedule. This update release process involves a significant amount of testing so we can be sure customers are receiving high quality updates and Microsoft will not release an update until we feel it meets those standards.  Occasionally the testing process and our strict focus on testing for quality can result in a month where no security updates are released, as is the case today.  

Customers should still download the third monthly installment of the Malicious Software Removal tool which is available today at  The tool adds the ability to remove even more malware families and this month we’ve added some helpful new features like a welcome page and a User Interface of the tool for customers downloading it from the Microsoft Download Center.  And you can always check out for any other information on Microsoft security.

In future months, we’ll introduce more of the members of the MSRC team and describe their roles in more detail.  They’re a great team and I’m excited about the opportunity to introduce them to you!

-Mike Reavey


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