Aching feet, German beer and security update deployment

For attendees and staff alike, TechEd is a busy place with long hours, aching backs and sore feet – but worth it!  I have spent every second that our stand has been open meeting with our customers – and what a variety there is!  We might learn the experiences of a home user with Windows Update one minute, then discuss the issues facing a 200,000 seat world-wide deployment the next.  I discuss my favorite beer from Munich and reporting and auditing in German with somebody, then the next person I meet actually comes from my home town in New Zealand (this is a small place!) The way that people use our security communications, deploy updates, and indeed the levels of awareness around security are similarly as diverse.  This is a great opportunity for us to hear from customers what they would like to see; and believe me, we’ll be busy back in Redmond with the comments and feedback. 


To all of you who have stopped by to talk to us – thank you very much for your time.  But I am sure there’s still got to be some people who have not yet come to see us. Mike and I will be waiting for you at the Microsoft stand #66. (People seem to ignore Mike, instead wanting to talk to the funny guy with the “charming” accent. Don’t worry though, Mike’s used to it by now.)

See you tomorrow!

-Simon Conant


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