Booth duty…

I spent all day yesterday manning the MSRC Cabana and Security Guidance Booth.  Between Stephen’s voice looping on the MSRC video running in the Cabana, and Simon’s funky accent saying “What can I tell you about the MSRC?” to every passer-by, I was so happy last night to be in the silence of my hotel room.  However, some of the great interaction with the customers coming by the booth makes it all worth it. My job often takes place behind a computer screen… it’s good to meet our customers face to face.


From most of them, I heard good things about the evolution of the MSRC process – the predictable monthly release process seems like a big hit to most of the IT Pros keeping their networks up-to-date.  I was surprised to discover that some customers weren’t aware of our Advance Notification Service; but they were excited to learn we do give a heads-up of the number of Security Updates coming a few days before they release.  The ones that did know of it said they find it extremely valuable, helping them make smart staffing decisions for the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Most customers thought the new security advisories were a great idea as well, mentioning that more information they can get from a credible source, the better. I’m sure there are some customers who still can think of many things they wanted improved, so you all need to come and tell us that as well.


Tomorrow Stephen and I will be holding some focus groups to get feedback on our overall security content, including bulletins, advisories, summaries, and notification services.  I’m looking forward to that – not just because we’re going to get great input from customers, but also because it’ll be a nice break from the Stephen’s video-voice and Simon’s accent J.

-Mike Reavey

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