MS05-038 Download Center Updates re-issued.

What a crazy 24 hours.  We have now re-released MS05-038, the IE bulletin, as version 2.0.  We have pushed out the updates to the Download Center with the digital signature issue resolved.  If you got your updates from Windows Update, Microsoft Update, WSUS, or SUS yesterday you have nothing to worry about.  For you admins out there the binaries and install are all the same so need to change any detection you may have worked up.

Here’s what happened:

During the publication of the MS05-038 updates to the download center yesterday, a corruption occurred in one of the final stages of publication that affected the updates. Again, the packages on Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and the Windows catalog were unaffected by this issue. But if you got the update from the download center in the first few hours after the 10am release, then the update you downloaded would not install.  We immediately pulled the ability to get the updates from the Download Center, investigated the cause of the problem, and re-published the updates. The updates are now available on the Download center and we have re-released the bulletin to notify customers.

There was some serious dedication from the IE team and some folks in the Download Center world working through the night to get this resolved.  So big props to them for putting up with Mike Reavey and I driving them to fix the issue all night long.

Total side note; Something I learned during this process that I thought was kind of cool is that SMS will throw back an error if (when downloading the bits you want) it sees that a signature is bad.  Maybe, since I don’t believe we’ve ever had this particular problem, I was never made aware of this feature.  Maybe that is my personal silver lining in all of this.  Now it is time for some super quad nitro almond mocha action. 


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