Some thoughts on a quiet Wednesday

This is Mike Reavey here. It’s been a little bit quieter around the MSRC for the last week, but I thought I’d take a second now to point out a few things that you might not know exist. First off, I need to give a big shout out to the fact that the individuals responsible for creating and releasing Zotob have been arrested. You can read the official Microsoft comment on it here.  

Now, here are my picks for some cool security information on

  • Microsoft Security Developer Center – Helping developers write more secure code is so important to the future of information security. There are some really interesting articles up here and a fun “spot the bug” exercise. This is a good read if you are planning to go to PDC next week.

  • Security Assessment Tool – This little tool helps you assess your own IT environment and learn some best practices just for you. It is designed for organizations with less than 1,000 employees to help assess weaknesses in their current IT security environment. It will help identify processes, resources, and technologies that are designed to promote good security planning and risk mitigation practices within your organization.

  • Security columns – This page has links to regular columns that appear on My favorite is the “Security Tip of the Month.” It gives a special tip each month to help you get and stay secure.

 That’s it from me. Stay safe!

-Mike Reavey


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