REVISED: September Advance Notification

Hey folks, Mike Reavey again. So, we’ve had a little change in plans for next week and wanted to make you all aware of it. This afternoon we revised the information in the Advance Notification to reflect a change for next week’s release. Microsoft will not be issuing any new security updates on September 13th as part of the September monthly bulletin release cycle. You can check out the revised information here.

So, why did we do this? Let me explain. Late in the testing process, we encountered a quality issue that we decided was significant enough that it required some more testing and development before releasing it. We have made a commitment to only release high quality updates that fix the issues at hand, and therefore we felt it was in the best interest of our customers to not release this update until it undergoes further testing. 

When we moved to a monthly release cycle almost two years ago, we planned for a significant focus on testing. That focus means that sometimes the testing process and our decision to only release quality updates might mean a month without any updates. However, we are going to issue an updated version of the Malicious Software Removal tool next Tuesday along with one non-security, high priority update for Windows.

-Mike Reavey

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