The MSRC live from PDC 2005

Craig Gehre here reporting from the Professional Developer’s Conference in L.A. and I have to say that PDC is really coo this year!  If you like to code or anything related to developing with, or for, the latest technologies this is the place for you.  I hit Bill Gates’ keynote for a bit and then headed over to our MSRC booth to get situated.  Thankfully they have these well placed tables with cheese Danishes here that are great with my ritual vente almond mocha.


The MSRC is sharing a booth space with the Windows Anti Spyware folks and it has been great to hear the overwhelming support and positive feedback for the beta version of their product. I personally can’t wait for them to get their final product out. 


I spoke with dozens of developers that talked about the impact that security has on their environments.  It was interesting to hear about how some in the medical field especially have to go through pains because of international laws and standards that are set on their products.  Also interesting was talking with those in the education space and hearing about some of the “creative” problems that students introduce to their code.   This is the kind of feedback we in the MSRC are really here to gather.  The more information we can get, not only from customers but from the guys developing applications, the more we can continue to improve our offerings and help keep keep customers protected.


On a side note, the amount of SWAG here is a bit overwhelming.  You see some people hauling around backpacks and plastic bags full of swag.   Some you could swear abandoned their laptop along the way so that their bags could host the latest key chain, at t-shirt, or some other doohickey. 


Stay tuned for more to come from the MSRC live at PDC 2005!


-Craig Gehre


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