Recent bulletin updates

Hi gang.  Stephen Toulouse here.  Just wanted to make you aware of some minor changes we have made to some bulletins today. 

MS05-038 and MS05-052 contain a number of defense-in-depth changes to the overall functionality of Internet Explorer.  These changes were done mostly for security reasons, removing potentionally unsafe functionality and making changes to how Internet Explorer handles ActiveX controls. 

As a result of these changes that we made for security sake,  for a limited amount of customers some pages may not load as expected.  We’ve published sone guidance on this further detailing the changes and how customers can resolve this if they are experiencing problems.  We also updated the bulletins to make sure people have the right references to roll back the changes if they need to go back to the less secure state. 

Just as a reminder in case you don’t have the RSS feeds enabled, here are the links to the bulletins:


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