Live from 33,000 feet!

Hi everyone, Stephen Toulouse here.  I’m typing these words at a speed of about 560 miles an hour currently over the northwest portion of Canada.  I’m flying the night time SAS flight from Seattle to Europe for IT Forum in Barcelona and just had to blog.  They have Connexion by Boeing on this flight.  It’s wireless broadband Internet available for the entire flight.  I’m sitting here in my seat looking around at what appear to be a bunch of other Microsoft people all using their computers.  Some people are actually using Skype to call home!  I’d do that but I didnt bring a headset mic and I’d look like a complete idiot talking into my laptop mic over the sound of the plane engines.  Not to mention my fellow travelers would probably punch me in the neck. Nonetheless I’m in 100% geek out mode. 

I wanted to blog about two things real quickly.  We’ve gotten a ton of questions recently about the “rootkit” issue involving some music CD’s from SonyBMG.  We’ve been working very closely of course with the Anti-Malware team, who handles the investigation of issues like this, and they have blogged about it. Long story short, we *will* be adding detection for this to the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool as well as Windows Defender when its first beta is available.  Go check it out.  And add that blog to your RSS feeds.  I’m extremely happy to see this team blogging, they are doing amazing stuff.

The second thing to blog about is IT-Forum Barcelona!  This is going to be very exciting, it’s my first trip to Spain and my first IT-Forum.  I’ll be presenting a session on our security response process at Microsoft on Tuesday.  Check your schedules!  Also drop by the Microsoft booth.  Myself and “Rockin'” Craig Gehre, release manager for the MSRC, will be there to meet you and answer questions.  We’re going to be talking about changes in our security response process over the past year, and we would love to get your feedback on how we can make things better.  I’ll try to get by as best I can with my rusty spanish and see if I can exercise those old brain cells that remember French.  Je suis Francais, mais je suis American aussi ainsi je ne parle pas francais tres bien!

We’ll see you in Barcelona!


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