Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, depending on where you are.

Many of you may recognize my standard introduction from each month’s Security Bulletin Webcast. My name is Christopher Budd and I’ve been the primary technical presenter for the Monthly Security Bulletin webcast since January 2004.

I’ve recently changed roles a bit and wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself as you’ll be seeing me on this space more moving forward.

I’m a Security Program Manager working on communications here in the MSRC.  Specifically I’m focusing on technical communications around Incident Response, Vulnerability Handling and Forensics.  I’ve been working with security and incident response at Microsoft for about 5 years now so I’m one of the old timers. My colleagues can tell you that I can rattle off information about security bulletins going back to 2000 off the top of my head!

One thing I can say first-hand is that our response process has made huge strides over the years: I’m constantly impressed by how far we’ve come and am proud of that work and to be a part of that. To be sure, there’s always room for improvement and work to do. And I’m looking forward to helping everyone here continue to push forward with improvements, especially in the more technical arenas.

I’ve had some folks ask about the letters after my name that they see on the title slide each month.  Each of these is a different security industry certification focusing on areas of forensics, security auditing, and security management:

Those of you who aren’t familiar with our Monthly Webcast or haven’t yet signed up for the February webcast, I’d encourage you to go ahead and sign up here:

Each month, we try to review the bulletins we’ve released, cover information to help with your risk assessment and deployment, cover security information and announcements we think are valuable and, most importantly, answer your questions live during the broadcast.  This is a great resource for folks and one we’re constantly working to improve based on your feedback.

So, please join us, help us make it a better, more valuable resource for you.


Thanks very much and I’m looking forward to talking and working with everyone out there more.



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