Security advisory posted, and RSA thoughts.

Hi everyone, Stepto here. (I’m giving up on the “Stephen Toulouse here” after many people I met at RSA greeted me as “Stepto”, but as a side note since I created the blog under “Stepto” please remember that posts made by individuals on the MSRC are made by themselves and not me.)

I wanted to check in real quick and make everyone aware of a security advisory that we have posted for a recent update to Internet Explorer that is not security related, but we still wanted to make sure people were aware of.  The update itself may be non security (relating to a change in the way Internet Explorer handles ActiveX controls), but it’s important to note that it contains the most recent security updates as well for the most recent platforms.  We’ve published more detail here:

I’d also like to take a moment and sum up some thoughts related to our presense at the recent RSA 2006 security conference in San Jose. I’ll sum that up with: “wow”.  We showed up with the intent to gather feedback on the MSRC bulletins in general but it’s always a pleasure to meet with customers and discuss just about anything related to security response.  We had quite a few people drop by the booth and fill out our new security bulletin survey and the xbox 360 games were in high demand.  But the opportunity to speak with people face to face on our communication efforts was fantastic and people had some great feedback.  In short: we’re doing a lot of the right things but there are opportunities to improve and we’ve heard you! We were especially pleased to entertain other bloggers who cover security at a lunch outside the event that gave us the opportunity to gather even more viewpoints on the blog and how we can make it better.

Thanks again to everyone that dropped by the RSA 2006 booth and provided your perspective into our new security bulletin redesign, and we’re looking forward to implementing all the great feedback we got from you. 


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