Welcome to the BlueHat blog site!

BlueHat 3 just completed last week, and all I can say is WOW.  Great speakers.  Great presentations.  Packed audience.  You can read the session abstracts and speaker bios here to see what I’m talking about.  

OH!  I should introduce myself.  Where are my manners?  I’m Kymberlee Price, a Security Program Manager at Microsoft.  The organizational taxonomy of where I work at Microsoft is kind of crazy* – the short explanation is that I’m in an engineering group that is responsible for product security across Microsoft – both products we have and haven’t shipped yet.  When I’m not busy planning BlueHat, I do a variety of things to help Microsoft developers and external security researchers connect and learn from each other with the ultimate goal of providing a more secure computing experience for users. 

Of course no one person can plan a three day conference on their own – I work with a team of great people who you will also see here on the BlueHat Blog.  Over the coming days we’ll be posting our reflections on BlueHat 3 as well as photos and links to podcasts and channel9 video from the event.  And we sincerely hope that our BlueHat 3 speakers (and BlueHat 1 & 2 speakers) will post their comments to the site as well and share their BlueHat experience with you.

~Kymberlee Price

Security Program Manager
Security Engineering & Communications Group
Security Technology Unit
Microsoft Corporation 

*see what I mean?