BlueHat Hackers?

BlueHat Hackers?

There have been some misconceptions recently around both security researchers we bring in for Blue Hat, and security consulting companies that also help us make our products.  I’ve even seen the phrase “Blue hat hackers” thrown around.

While it was terribly flattering (and somewhat amusing) to the BlueHat team to see the incredible talented consultants working with us to secure our products referred to as BlueHat Hackers, there really is no such thing.  Security researchers may choose to self-identify as white hat, grey hat, black hat, or no hat at all, but I wouldn’t even refer to our in-house full time pen-testers as BlueHat Hackers.  Though I think the vendors and our full time pen testers all have a pretty good sense of humor and are having fun with this.  


Talk reviews coming soon to the blog…  Search Engine Hacking by Johnny Long and Database Rootkits by Alexander Kornbrust