More information on the MS06-015 issue

Hi everyone, Stephen Toulouse here.  We’ve been continually examining the best way to assist the customers who may have been impacted by the interaction of MS06-015 with the software Mike mentioned before.  We wanted to check in and let you know the current plan.  Up until now there have been several solutions: Upgrade to the newest version of the affected software, a manual registry key fix, uninstall the third party software (NVIDIA Drivers versions 61.94 and prior or the Hewlett Packard Share-to-web software) or uninstall the update.  All of these require the user to take some sort of action.  

So what we have done is re-engineered the MS06-015 update to avoid the conflict altogether with the older Hewlett Packard and NVIDIA software. We’re going to run a test pass on it and we will release this new update on Tuesday, April 25th.  What the new update essentially does is simply add the affected third party software to an “exception list” so that the problem does not occur.  The revised update automates the manual registry key fix.   

So what should you do? 

Well if you are experiencing the problem right now, you can use the currently available reg key fix documented in 918165, go to the newest versions of the affected software, or uninstall the third party software.  On Tuesday April 25th, if you have not taken those actions but are having the problem, the update MS06-015 will be delivered to the machine through AU if configured, or through Microsoft Update or the Download Center if you want to install it manually. 

I want to be real clear about that.  When the update is re-released, it‘s going to be very much targeted to people who are having the problem, or people who have not installed MS06-015 yet.  That means if you have already installed MS06-015 and are not having the problem, there’s no action here for you.  Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and Automatic Update will have detection logic built into them to only offer the revised update (which essentially includes the reg key fix) to those customers who either don’t have MS06-015 or are having the problem.

We’ve updated the bulletin to reflect this information as well.


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