NVIDIA driver versions affected by the MS06-015 issue

Hi everyone, Stephen Toulouse here. I’ve gotten some customer questions regarding the NVIDIA drivers affected by the issue so I wanted to provide some more detail on that. In working with NVIDIA we have narrowed the issue to a subset of their Release 60 drivers, which means version-wise all driver versions 60.00 – 64.99. These drivers have not been publicly available for close to 2 years. According to NVIDIA, each of these versions went to different OEMs and add-in card manufacturers as well as being available on the web.

The last website driver release was 61.76 from that series, although some OEM customers received 61.94 from some OEMs. But the important thing about this information is that these drivers were last made available in 2004. The current drivers or any release after 61.94 are not affected.

Right now, if you obtain the updated drivers from the following website:


It will address the issue. We’re seeing around 95% of the current customer issues being addressed by implementing the steps specific to the Hewlett Packard Share-to-web software, but we wanted to make sure we were providing the info on how limited the scope of the problem with older NVIDIA drivers is as well.

Just as a reminder, we will be re-releasing the update on Tuesday, April 25th to address this issue as well, the re-release will be targeted through our deployment tools specifically to those customers having the problem.  If you have automatic update turned on, it will automatically be delivered to your system if you are having the problem.


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