Detection Changes for MS06-020 on WU/MU/AU and Text Corrections for MS06-019 for WSUS/SMS

This is Craig Gehre and there are two things I wanted to let you know about.  Some of you may have been getting install errors on the Flash update, MS06-020, we released on Tuesday.  You would have seen these install failure errors on Windows Update, Microsoft Update, or on your system via Automatic Update.  There is nothing wrong with the update itself.  What was happening is that we were offering the update to newer versions of Flash, which did not need the update, in addition to the systems that did need it.  We’ve now fixed the detection error so that the update’s only offered to systems that do need it.  If you already applied the update or previously got the error, you do not need to take any action.

The second thing is that WSUS and SMS admins are going to notice that there is a new available.  This is to include the above mentioned Flash fix and also to fix some description text errors we had with part of the Exchange release, MS06-019.



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