Hello from TechEd 2006

Hello, this is Christopher Budd.

I’m here this evening at TechEd 2006. This year, TechEd is in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Convention Center. (If you want to see where we are using the new Windows Live Local, you can see a view of it here).

I’m sure you know from our RSA postings that we love the chance to get out and meet and talk with customers. And at TechEd, in addition to that we’ve got some really great sessions planned. So, I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know some of what’s going on here this week and encourage those of you in Boston to come join us.

First, all week we’ll have folks under the Red-Orange banner for the Security Track in our Technical Learning Center. Here we’ll have people from the MSRC at our MSRC Lounge (complete with comfy chairs, really!). We’ll also have people who work with our Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) at our Security Development Lifecycle Booth.

As far as sessions and presentations, here’s a quick overview on what happening this week:

Monday 11 June 2006

As things open up on Monday, you’ll find the MSRC lounge and the SDL booth open at 9:00 AM.

At 5:00 PM in Grand Ballroom B, Ben Fathi, our Corporate Vice President, here in the Security Technology Unit will be giving a Strategic Briefing here titled “Building Trust in Computing”. I’m told too that we’ll be giving away an Xbox 360 at the session!

Tuesday 12 June 2006

Tuesday will be a big day with several sessions.

First, at 10:15 AM, I’ll lead a chalk talk called “Reading a Microsoft Security Bulletin” where we’ll go over some bulletins to discuss how they’re laid out, what information is presented and where you can find the information that you need.

Then, at 12:00 PM, we’ll be holding a lunch panel titled “The Evolution of Security Threats” where a few of us will answer questions about recent trends in security.

At 1:00 PM, Michael Howard (co-author of Writing Secure Code, The 19 Deadly Sins of Software Security, and the newly published The Security Development Lifecycle) will be giving a breakout session, “Baking Security into the Development Life Cycle” where he’ll talk about his work with SDL and how it can “bake” security into your applications.

At 4:30 PM, Ivan Medvedev from our Secure Windows Initiative (SWI) will be presenting a chalk talk on “Fuzz Testing and Applications” where he’ll talk about fuzzing techniques for your application development.

Wednesday 13 June 2006

On Wednesday, at 10:15 AM, Michael will be leading a chalk talk on “Baking Security into the Development Life Cycle”. You can think of this as a supplemental session using the chalk talk format to his breakout session. Even if you see one of his two breakout sessions, this is still a great session to attend.

Thursday 14 June 2006

Thursday evening at 4:30 PM, I’ll be leading a breakout session titled “Integrating your Emergency Response Process with the Microsoft Security Incident Response Process”.

In this session, I’ll be going over Microsoft’s Software Security Incident Response Process and talking about how it works with an eye to helping those of you who have or are building an Incident Response process to integrate better with ours.

Friday 15 June 2006

Things wrap on Friday.  Michael will be giving an encore session of his breakout talk Baking Security into the Development Life Cycle” at 1:00 PM.

We’ll be open at the MSRC Lounge and the SDL Booth until 4:00 PM, when the Technical Learning Centers close up.

Like I said, this will be an exciting week for all of us, so I hope all of you who are at TechEd this week will come by to our MSRC Lounge and SDL booth and check out the sessions we’re offering.


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