Follow-up Information on Today’s Release

Two blog entries in one day.  Not what I intended, honest. 


Those of you that use SMS or WSUS have probably been struggling with the download of  The reason for the delay is that we had problems in our virus scanning labs right before the cab gets pushed live. The issue was resolved and the new cab for the July security release is now live.  If you pulled down before 6:30 PM PDT you will want to resync and get the latest cab file. Otherwise you will not be detecting and deploying the latest July releases.


We are looking at how to prevent this in the future, as we understand it really is frustrating to deal with.  In a future blog posting I hope to outline to you all the pieces of a security release and why when one piece fails other parts do not.  It can be a bit confusing at times especially when you see some items live and others not.  Christopher Budd likens it to a space shuttle launch, where many parallel processes are going all at the same time.



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