An update on MS06-034 issues

What’s that?  A post from Craig Gehre, and it’s not release day?   Yes, it is me again. As most of you know, we monitor the post release environment very carefully to make sure that all the deployment tools are working as intended and people are able to get the updates.  I wanted to note that last night we fixed a couple of issues from last week’s release that we had been tracking.  They weren’t widespread, but as some admins out there may have noticed, we released a new late last night.  The two issues we fixed are related to MS06-034.   

One issue was that even though you installed the update you could still be getting it reoffered to you via Windows Update, Microsoft Update, Automatic Update, or WSUS.  In some cases we were detecting on a file you may not even have on your system.  This has been resolved.


The second issue was that If you were running Windows Server 2003 SP1 you may not have been re-offered the update after unknowingly failed install.  If you installed the update while IIS was using the file “ASP.dll”, the package may appear to install correctly, but it did not. KB917537 has more info on this. 


Both of these issues were addressed last night. Because the second issue might have involved a silent failure, we recommend all Windows 2003 SP1 users rerun detection on these systems to make sure that their systems have updated properly.


BTW, Two weeks to BlackHat.  Will you be there?




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