August 2006 Microsoft Monthly Bulletin Release: Day Two Update

Hi Christopher Budd here,


We’re into the second day of our August 2006 release and I wanted to check back and let folks know how things are going with this release.


It’s been about 30 hours since we posted the security updates and I’m happy to be able to say we’ve had well over 100 million downloads of the update for MS06-040 (that’s nearly 3.5 million per hour!!). So our thanks to everyone for working hard and helping us get this out to protect their systems.


We’re also seeing good progress and downloads on the other updates this month, including MS06-048, the update that addresses the PowerPoint issue we originally issued Microsoft Security Advisory 922970 about.


While we were aware of very, very limited exploitation of the vulnerability addressed by MS06-040 at the time of bulletin release yesterday we have not seen signs of widespread malicious activity so far.  But, be assured that, like we always do, we’ve got our Emergency Response process teams watching for any possible malicious activity along with our partners in the MSRA. If we see anything, we’ll respond as quickly as possible and work to provide customers with guidance and assistance. And of course, like we did with Sasser and Zotob, should a malicious attack occur, our teams are ready to assist our partners in law enforcement with their investigations.


I thought you all might want an idea of how things are looking from our side and we’ll let you know of any important information around this issue.


And finally, I wanted to thank everyone for joining us for today’s webcast. And, a reminder that you can get this through on-demand starting tomorrow, so if you missed today’s broadcast, you can still listen to it and get information from all the great questions.


Thanks again! 



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