Power Point Zero Day? No.

Hi, Scott here from the MSRC operations team. I just wanted to drop a few lines to clarify the recent buzz/ activity on a PowerPoint zero day that occured over the weekend.

Our investigation has proven thus far that customers who are up to date with Office security updates are NOT affected. Meaning this is NOT a zero day. Malware in the malicious .ppt leverages a previously fixed vulnerability in Microsoft Office to drop the payload.

To be attacked and become infected requires a user to open the malicious .ppt file on a system that doesn’t have the latest Office security updates.

As always we recommend customers treat .ppt files (for that matter any Office file) from unknown or untrusted sources as suspicious, keep your AntiVirus sigs up to date and very importantly deploy security updates.

I hope this helps to clarify the current situation on the reported PowerPoint issue!

BTW – If you think you have been impacted by the Malware we definitely encourage you to contact Product Support Services. You can contact Product Support Services in North America for help with security update issues or viruses at no charge using the PC Safety line (1866-PCSAFETY) and international customers by using any method found at this location: http://support.microsoft.com/security.



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