MSRC Blog Updates

Hi Everyone,


This is Mark Miller. For those who may not know, I’ve been the Director of Security Response Communications since October of last year. I wanted to let you all know that we have implemented a new Windows Live Alert for postings to this blog. These alerts are delivered to your email inbox, SMS and/or instant messaging and will let you know that we’ve posted something here. Given the importance of these communications, we wanted to make sure to give you as many different ways of receiving them as possible. Just note that this automated service monitors the RSS feed of the blog and will generally alert you within 5 to 60 minutes of the blog posting. Times may vary however. You can click here to subscribe or click the Windows Live Alert graphic to the right.


I also want to mention the changes we just made to the look of the blog. We just thought it was time to make it look more like the important communications tool that it is.


As always, we appreciate continued customer feedback on all of our guidance and communications.




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