BlueHat v5: The Paradox of Innovation

BlueHat is Microsoft’s own little hacker con. We host it twice a year — the sessions today were all about innovation in security research.


What did we learn? That Microsoft cannot solve the security problem, but we can raise the bar substantially to the point where finding bugs in Microsoft products is hard, and building reliable exploits even harder. To reach this lofty goal requires that we learn from the innovators; to spot trends, learn of new attack techniques and vulnerability types so we may add defenses and countermeasures to help turn the tables on attackers and ultimately, protect customers.


Highlights from this BlueHat include: new insights into mobile & web app hacking, vendor agnostic issues in security protection offerings, the art and science of reverse engineering security patches and interesting stories about how some of our speakers cracked the Xbox 360.


We look forward to bringing you more content, links to podcasts and channel9 video from this edition of BlueHat.


-Sarah Blankinship

Senior Security Strategist


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Speaker bios and abstracts are here.