Coming Soon: MSRC and Microsoft at BlackHat Las Vegas 2007

Hey, Andrew Cushman here.

It’s that time of year again. The kids are out of school, most folks are planning for that August vacation, and the MSRC (and Microsoft) are headed to Vegas for Black Hat.

This year’s event will be a new experience for me. Although I’ve been to lots of Black Hat conferences – this is the first time I go wearing both hats of director of MSRC and director of outreach to the security community.  It looks like both my teams will be quite busy – checking out the latest research and introducing the MS product development folks to the security community folks. There are so many great presentations on the agenda and so many people catch up with that it will be difficult to figure out how to be in two or three places at once.  I am excited that again this year Microsoft will present interesting and new security technologies. We have four speakers this year.

Ian McDonald and Brandon Baker will talk about Windows Server 2008. Ian will cover Windows Server 2008 Server Foundation – the latest in attack surface reduction – you just select the roles for your server. Brandon is slated to give a deep dive into the internals of Windows Server 2008 virtualization.

David LeBlanc will present on MOICE – the Microsoft Office Isolated Converter Environment – the stand alone utility that converts Office documents from the older proprietary Office formats into the new Office 2007 XML format.

 Greg Wroblewski is scheduled to give a code level inside view of MSRC cases and shows exactly what the code, design and implementation issues were in select MSRC cases from 2003 through 2007.

We will have a vendor booth again this year. You can come by and schmooze, or give us feedback . We’ll also have DVDs of code available.

So, if you’re in Vegas, come by the booth and introduce yourself. Find me or my colleagues from MSRC as we’d  love to get your feedback on how Microsoft is doing. We should be pretty easy to spot as we commissioned our own top ten list t-shirts for this year’s conference.   J


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