Podcasts and Peppermints

BlueHat v6 has wrapped and all the researchers have gone home – or have they? 


Around here, the buzz sparked by our guests and in-house BlueHat speakers is very much still humming.  The side-meetings between researchers and Microsoft teams that I first blogged about during my first month here are continuing to be a huge benefit.  Security will always be an iterative process, with feedback and fresh idea exchange an imperative.  Threats evolve, and with them, so must we.  Our team gathers such feedback from every conference, in every corner of the world, and uses it to improve our security practices today, while looking toward the future. 


It’s pretty amazing to me how much power for positive evolutionary change we have when we bring the best and brightest back to Redmond, twice a year, to speak in person to all Microsoft employees, from execs to engineers.  We arranged some great meetings (Ollie Whitehouse and the Mobile and Embedded Devices team, for one), and the momentum is going strong.


You can now share in a bit of my experience and listen to audio podcast interviews with many of the speakers.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with each of our visitors to discuss topics such as the mobile threat landscape, and automated fuzzing frameworks.


Come back to this blog for more, as updates will become more frequent (and chock full of guest-blogging goodness).


-Katie Moussouris, Security Strategist