Welcome to the new Microsoft Security Vulnerability Research and Defense blog!

We are excited to have this outlet to share more in-depth technical information about vulnerabilities serviced by MSRC security updates and ways you can protect your organization from security vulnerabilities. You can read much more about the goals of the blog and about the SWI teams contributing to the blog in our “About” link: http://blogs.technet.com/swi/about.aspx 


The two posts below are examples of the type of information we’ll be posting.  We expect to post every “patch Tuesday” with technical information about the vulnerabilities being fixed.  During our vulnerability research, we discover a lot of interesting technical information.  We’re going to share as much of that information as possible here because we believe that helping you understand vulnerabilities, workarounds, and mitigations will help you more effectively secure your organization.


Please email us with any questions or comments at switech@microsoft.com