Going big and going home, or Your r00ts are showing.

Welcome back to the BlueHat blog!  Tuesday afternoon, as the taxi carrying Bruce Dang, Dave Dittrich, and I hurtled hurly-burly from Logan airport, I could almost hear my own “welcome back” to my home town of Boston.  This was a homecoming heralded by screeching taxi brakes as we popped the most awesome (though surely less than legal) U-turn on Mem Drive into the driveway of the conference hotel hosting SOURCE Boston.


Since moving from Boston in 1999, I’ve been back home maybe three or four times, always too briefly.  This conference serves as backdrop to the public panel reunion of L0pht Heavy Industries, and is peppered with the old guard of security researchers, many of whom I haven’t seen in years.  So far, it’s been a much more heartwarming (and way less life-threatening) welcome home from them than from Beantown’s finest taxi drivers.  But it wouldn’t be home without them all.


And I’d be remiss if I didn’t invite some of my old friends to my new home, here at Microsoft.  We’ll be seeing many of these security community members at our very own BlueHat, May 2, 2008.  Some of my old friends (and some of my new friends) will be guest blogging over the next couple of months, in the newly-minted tradition of BlueHat guest blogging, graciously kicked off last time by Ollie Whitehouse, Halvar Flake, and Rain Forest Puppy. 


We’re going bigger with the BlueHat blog this time, so stay tuned for updates on the BlueHat talk lineup, guest blog posts, and links to video interviews with the BlueHat speakers.  We have a hot line-up of top notch talent and cutting edge technology again, and this BlueHat blog will highlight the best.


Mi casa es su casa.  Welcome back, friends.