News from FIRST 2008: Driving Security Response Excellence and Innovation

Hi, Andrew here,


Often, when you see me blogging, I’m talking about the important work we do with the researcher community. However, in addition to work with researchers, we’re always looking for ways to foster work with others in the industry and share best practices.


As I sit here today at the annual FIRST Conference and think about the future of security response, I’m excited to tell you about ICASI (Industry Consortium for the Advancement of Security on the Internet), a new non-profit organization that will enhance global IT security by proactively driving excellence and innovation in security response.


Microsoft has come together with Cisco, IBM, Intel and Juniper Networks to provide a trusted forum for addressing global, multi-product security threats. ICASI addresses a gap in security response by allowing leading IT vendors to share sensitive information in a secure forum so they can tackle security challenges together and help reduce risks to the global infrastructure and better protect all customers.


More information on the ICASI Web site at, so I would encourage you to visit that site for additional details. There’s more to come, so stay tuned to the ICASI site for updates.





Director, MSRC


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