Title: A Buddhist Monk Goes Up to a Hot Dog Vendor…

…and says “Make me one with everything.”  Aside from that fact that most hot dog vendors don’t carry Tofu Pups, we’re taking this joke seriously for the next iteration of BlueHat, and giving you some attack content as well as talking about proactive defense. 


Coming this October, the BlueHat team will partner with the SDL team to create two full days of content, the first day focusing on new attacks and the emerging threat horizon, and the second day focusing on steps we can take as software architects, developers, testers, and maintainers to make code more secure in the first place.


Stay tuned for guest blog posts here and on the SDL blog from both sets of speakers, with topics ranging from attack to defense.  It’s about changing the balance between attackers and defenders; it’s about showing both sides of the same coin; and it’s about time.


Katie Moussouris, Security Strategist II

Bryan Sullivan, Security Program Manager