Helping Secure the Planet: New Strategic Initiatives from Microsoft

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Mike Reavey

Director, MSRC

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Tomorrow, Steve Adegbite, Katie Moussouris and I will give the first ever Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) talk at Black Hat, Las Vegas. Yes, Microsoft has presented at Black Hat before, and actually has a pretty long history of participating in this con, but this is the first time the MSRC itself has hosted a talk.

So what’s the big deal?

Well, as you may have heard, we’ve announced a couple new programs this week (See Microsoft’s Virtual Press Room) that mark a real shift in how we approach the issue of security.  This talk will disclose all the juicy details of all three programs (yes, there’s a third program…Katie will tell you all about it!), include demos of the vulnerability information we will share as part of the Microsoft Active Protections Program Steve’s created, show you what our “Exploitability Index” looks like, and give you all the context you’ll need to understand the how’s, why’s, and where’s that led us up to this stage!

While saying we want to help “secure the planet” is a bit assuming, the reality is that we realize no one can address evolving security threats alone. One of the key themes of the talk, and indeed one of the key themes of our continued commitment to taking Trustworthy Computing to the Internet, is that through collaboration and shared intelligence, the security industry can better anticipate, respond and work together to address threats. This talk will illustrate how these innovative programs come together to help enhance security through collaboration and information sharing.

So if you’re here on the ground, come join us tomorrow at 3:15 in Roman Ballroom. And, of course, if you’re unable to catch us at the conference, the best bet is to follow us on Twitter:

– Mike Reavey

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