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Hey folks! I know this is typically the time of year when birds are chirping, the rain is supposed to be letting up, and those of you in the BlueHat network who are normally invited to attend the Spring BlueHat conference are asking yourselves, “Why did MSRC start doing the con only once a year?” The answer, of course, is pretty simple and complicated at the same time. Today marks the beginning of the next evolution of the BlueHat Security Briefings, with the launch of the BlueHat Security Forum taking place at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center in Brussels, Belgium.

Following the success of the BlueHat Security Briefings, entering its 9th iteration this October 22-23 at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, the BlueHat Security Forum EU event is an invitation-only gathering and network of select government and enterprise decision-makers from throughout the European Union.  Attendee country representation includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.  Today’s Forum gathering in Brussels features lively presentations on the latest developments in information security from Microsoft leaders and external security researcher luminaries.

The primary objective of the BlueHat Security Forum is to build bridges between our Microsoft Security Leadership team, key Enterprise security stakeholders, and members of the security research community. The secondary objective is to participate in candid, actionable, and constructive dialogue with key enterprise customers that will help Microsoft produce enterprise-ready, value-laden products and services.  The BlueHat Security Forum planning team formulates discussion topics for these meetings based on current security hot topics, new research and trends.

Today’s BlueHat Security Forum EU event agenda will address:

· E-crime attacks, the vulnerability economy and the global threat landscape

· Security in the cloud, DNS security, and the malware landscape

· Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) processes and integrating a Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

And did I mention our stellar line up? J Presenters from Microsoft Trustworthy Computing include Andrew Cushman, Director of Trustworthy Computing Security; David Pollington, Director of Security, Europe; Vinny Gullotto, General Manager, Microsoft Malware Protection Center; Alex Lucas, Principal Security Development Lead; Mike Reavey, Director of MSRC; and from Global Foundation Services, Martin Rues, Director for Cloud Security, Microsoft & Scott Oxley, Lead Architect for Cloud Security, Microsoft. External presenters include Iftach Amit, Director, Security Research, Aladdin; Dragos Ruiu, CEO SecWest Conferences, Security Technology Specialist; Dan Kaminsky, Director of Penetration Testing, IOActive; and Scott Stender, Principal, iSEC Partners, Inc.

We are seeking to build upon the momentum of past events by showcasing how individual strategies can intersect to offer substantial benefits and positive-sum outcomes. As with the local BlueHat conference, we are looking to demystify global and regional security threats, and to create channels for productive information exchange on common threats between the security industry, governments and researchers. Future regional BlueHat Security Forums are planned for Asia in 2010 and LATAM in 2011.

Next up: save the date for BlueHat v9 this October 22-23 in Redmond. Stay tuned for more updates and information to come here and on the BlueHat Blog. Be sure to check out Iftach Ian Amit’s post also coinciding with the Forum, Getting a business degree as part of Security Research?

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