The lighter side of the cloud

Billy Rios here. I’m giving a talk this week along with Nate McFeters entitled, “Sharing the Cloud with Your Enemy.” It’s a fun, realistic talk on security in the cloud. Why cloud computing?


Cloud computing, software as a service, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service… with so many different terms and so much hype, this cloud computing stuff can be confusing and understanding security in the cloud can be even more confusing! Nate and I will break down some of the most relevant security challenges we see for the cloud “Barney” style so that even my nine-month old daughter (or your average everyday CSO) can understand them. How are we going to do this, you may ask? Well, up until this point, we’ve seen a lot of theoretical scenarios related to cloud security.

In our presentation, we’ll cover some important cloud security concepts and back them up with some real-life vulnerabilities we’ve discovered. These vulnerabilities are neat but more importantly, they highlight some hard hitting, real-life issues anyone considering adopting a cloud computing platform needs to consider. We’ll cover some questions that every business should be asking their cloud provider and we’ll also use some of the vulnerabilities we’ve discovered to highlight areas cloud providers can improve on (there are plenty of areas). The content we’ve put together is appropriate for all audiences, but especially geared towards cloud providers and those wishing to implement cloud solutions for their business.

Come in from the Seattle rain, grab a cup of coffee, and join us for an entertaining, yet stimulating talk on cloud security. The cloud providers we’ve chosen to highlight are some of the biggest in the industry, the vulnerabilities are real, and the presenters are some of the sexiest on the planet… what more could you ask for?