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What speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish, has a hundred set of eyes, and battles in the defense of good against evil on a daily basis? No, it’s not the mythological Chupacabra ;-)—it’s the BlueHat Security Forum: Buenos Aires Edition. With the Forum ~5 weeks away I’m pleased to share the speaker line up and content details for what is sure to be a an eventful security briefing.

The BlueHat Security Forum has evolved from the BlueHat Security Network. Since 2004, this network has been exclusive to security researchers (both inside and outside of Microsoft) who were invited to present their findings at the BlueHat Security Briefings in Redmond, Washington. With the launch of the BlueHat Security Forum in Brussels, Belgium in 2009 and through the 2010 Buenos Aires edition, we continue working to engage key members of the worldwide security ecosystem. The BlueHat Security Forum: Buenos Aires Edition on March 18 marks the next progression of this series. We look forward to working with local security advisors in various Latin American countries to bring a forum together to enhance this virtual community.

The primary objective of the BlueHat Security Forum is to build bridges between our Microsoft Security Leadership team, key Business Decision Makers and members of the security research community. The secondary objective is to participate in candid, actionable, and constructive input from key enterprise customers that will help Microsoft produce enterprise-ready, value-returning products and services.  

Presenters from Microsoft include Andrew Cushman, Senior Director, Trustworthy Computing Security; Mike Reavey, Director of Microsoft Security Response Center; Damian Hasse, Principal Security Development Manager; and Mark Curphey, Product Unit Manager. Our external presenters and colleagues from the security ecosystem include Anchises Moraes Guimarães de Paula, Latin America Threat Intelligence Analyst, iDefense; Kristen Dennesen, Intelligence Analyst and Deputy of the International Cyber Intelligence Team iDefense; Pedro Varangot, Security Researcher, Corelabs; Chris Hoff, Director of Cloud and Virtualization Solutions, Data Center Solutions at Cisco Systems; Felix ‘FX’ Lindner, Head of Recurity Labs; Nelson Murilo, YSTS Co-founder, as well as our various attendees from the industry that will be participating in opt-in lightning talks.

By bringing the BlueHat brand into international hotbeds, our aim is to discuss opportunities for shared goals and foster cooperation from organizations and people who at times can be seen as rivals: security researchers and vendors, vulnerability buyers and protection providers, governments and private industry. Our agenda will address:

• Organized eCrime attacks, the vulnerability economy and the global threat landscape specific to Latin America

• Effective practices for Cloud Security

• Mobile (in)Security

• The pitfalls of embedded device security in an enterprise environment

• Social networks and the Web 2.0 community

• Microsoft Security Response Center processes and integrating a Security Development Lifecycle

Post Buenos Aires, don’t forget to save the date for BlueHat v10 this October 14-15, 2010 in Redmond, Washington. Stay tuned for more updates and information to be posted here and on the BlueHat Blog.

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