Pulling the curtains wide open…

Silver Surfer

Mike Reavey

Director, MSRC

Warm weather, Battlestar Galactica, and responsibly reported vulnerabilities

Rain, Rain without end, Clouds with potential for rain, reality TV, and unpatched vulns

As you may know, the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) EcoStrat blog has served to inform Microsoft customers, security professionals, IT Pros, and developers of the MSRC Ecosystem Strategy Team’s activities.  Our goal is to provide a deeper, more personal look into the work the Microsoft Security Response Center does to understand and help support an effective security ecosystem. We do this by showcasing particular individuals and insider stories to offer transparency around the complexity of the many challenges our community faces. We believe that by sharing our experiences, everyone can better understand the magnitude of the problems we face as a community, and how we can work together to mitigate them by helping build an army of defenders.

With this goal in mind, I’d like to introduce some of the new virtual members of our EcoStrat blogging team. In the future you’ll be hearing not just from the Partner and Security Outreach members that compose EcoStrat, but also from additional MSRC Operational Program Managers, Security Science team members, and Security Response Communications folks. Some of what they will be sharing will be from their own direct experiences with monthly release day, out of band releases, current research and conference trends, and our continued interactions with security community researchers, IT Pros, academics, governments and beyond. Each of these representatives and points of view provide an integral part of the security cog and together we continue to fight the good fight…working towards a more secure planet.

Get to know these new bloggers, visit the about page for more background, and get yourself ready for frequent future posts.


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