Heya! Hola and Olá!

It was pretty fun sitting in the panel that kicked-off the first BlueHat Security Forum in Latin America and we are almost half-way through our day here in Buenos Aires.  (Check out Mike Reavey’s EcoStrat Blog post for details about the panel.)

It is always great to see old friends from the ecosystem and meet some new people from all over Latin America. Everyone seems to be having a great time and enjoying the really good and diverse line-up of interesting talks.

Anchises de Paula and Kristen Dennesen from iDefense covered the international landscape vulnerability market with a focus on Latin America.  Their talk covered international laws, how the lack of some cybercrime laws impact various Latin America countries, and how the bureaucracy of the legal system gets in the way of investigations concluding in an effective timeframe.

Pedro Varangot, from Core Security Technologies, covered the new trends in attacks to and using social networks, not only from an impersonation perspective, but also the availability of tools to automate the process.

Looking forward to the afternoon talks and really hope this is the first of many BlueHat events in Latin America. 

-Luiz Eduardo