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Hey Everyone,

As I’m sure you are all well aware by now, the second installment of the BlueHat Security Forum: Buenos Argentina Edition shipped on March 18, 2010, and was a resounding success. For those of you first hearing about this BlueHat Forum, the event itself was an exclusive, invitation-only gathering of 100 select business decision-makers and security researchers from across Latin America.

The BlueHat Security Forum events are a separate entity from the BlueHat Security Briefings you will find in Redmond. Whereas the goal of the BlueHat Security Briefings is to educate our own FTEs on emerging threats by inviting a targeted mix of the external security community to participate as presenters and active attendees, the mission behind the BlueHat Security Forum events is to pair Business Decision Makers (BDMs) with the local responsible finder community as a means to build relationships in the region. So where the Redmond events are about bringing the security community to our Microsoft developers and security teams, the Forum events are bringing the BlueHat ideals into the regional hotbeds we’re seeking to legitimize by leveraging the local security communities to one another. Make sense? Cool. J

As Mike mentioned live from the event, we managed to successfully align with the local subs by partnering with Microsoft’s Security Week (a TwC week-long event seeking to increase Security and Privacy perception; every day of the week has a different audience target). Our agenda featured lively presentations on the latest developments in information security from Microsoft leaders and external security researcher luminaries. NSAT Scores and attendee testimonials were truly phenomenal, so we are not really sure how we can go up from here which is a good problem to have! Check them out:

The BlueHat Security Forum allows me to build a valued relationship with Microsoft


The information discussed in this meeting will contribute to my company’s future technology plan


My relationship with Microsoft has improved or been strengthened as a result of the BlueHat Security Forum


Considering all aspects, I am satisfied with this BlueHat Security Forum meeting


· The BlueHat forum in Buenos Aires was a very interesting event, with many good talks, and it gave me the opportunity to meet/see again/exchange ideas with interesting people: the organizers of ekoparty (Argentina), H2HC (Brazil) and of course the staff from MSRC (in particular Damian Hasse). Carlos Sarruate, CORElabs

· Very interesting topics; very interesting audience. Bring BlueHat to more places outside the US. Anchises de Paula, iDefense

· Do it for 2days! – Domingo Montanaro, iSight

· Create more BlueHats in other locations (like Brazil) and increase the frequency! – Rodrigo Rubira Branco, H2HC Conference Co-founder

· My objectives were to learn, interact, and talk to participants….I succeeded on these goals. – Celso Hirata, ITA

· The BlueHat Forum in Buenos Aires last week showed not only how important, but also, how strong is the security community in Latin America, especially in Argentina.

Bringing people from other countries from Latam and places all over the world is huge, not only to exposing these people to what’s happening in their region, but, allowing them to see and meet people who live in a different security realty, yet, so similar to us all.

On the flip-side, these same key people from the ecosystem had the opportunity to see how strong and well established, the security community is in Latin America.

The way the conference has been structured was key to accomplish what many people have been trying to do for a while, which is to close the gap between all parts involved with information security.

As I have mentioned before on the brief blog post during the conference, I hope this is the first of many BlueHat events in Latam. Keep up the good work! —Luiz Eduardo, yStS Conference Co-founder

Thanks to the village that made this happen. We plan to replicate this formula every spring in conjunction with the Fall BlueHat Security Briefings in Redmond from here on out.



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