July 2010 Security Bulletin Webcast


During the July 2010 webcast, we fielded questions varying from the re-release of MS10-024 to answers for the error messages received during the application of MS10-041 and more.   Click  here to review the full Q&A page so you can see all of the answers that were provided for these and the other great questions from the July webcast.

Also, attached here is the link to the Q&A index page for your review –  in case you wanted to view any of the past 12 webcast Q&A’s.

 As always, customers experiencing issues installing any of the updates this month should contact our Customer Service and Support group:

  • Customers in the U.S. and Canada can receive technical support from Microsoft Product Support Services at 1-866-PCSAFETY. There is no charge for support calls that are associated with security updates.
  • International customers can receive support from their local Microsoft subsidiaries. There is no charge for support that is associated with security updates. For more information about how to contact Microsoft for support issues, visit the International Support Web site.


Jerry Bryant

Group Manager, Response Communications

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