The EMET 2.0 Training Video has arrived!

Hey there,

I’m pleased to announce that the BlueHat team has partnered with the dynamic Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) Engineering duo of Andrew Roths and Fermin J. Serna on a training video previewing the new release, version 2.0, of the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET). This training video is currently live on the BlueHat site and available for consumption on your own viewing timetable

I’m sure most of you are aware that EMET was designed as a living tool with the ability to incorporate future mitigations, protect against threats and improve security processes. Well, new mitigations are nearly here with version 2.0, which should be available in the near future from the Microsoft Download Center (keep a look out on the Security Research & Defense blog for the go-live announcement). In the meantime, the training video will offer you a sneak peak at EMET 2.0 including demos and insightful discussion into current and upcoming mitigation technologies. The video also showcases EMET’s updated UI that shows running processes and whether EMET is currently active for them.

For those of you attending Black Hat who would like more information on the tool, Fermin Serna will be at the Microsoft booth and can answer your in-depth questions. Any feedback would definitely contribute to our efforts to build strong community-based defense to protect customers and partners against the online threats. Go grab a refreshment and enjoy this 20 minutes of BlueHat training magic!

See you in Vegas!