Rustock updates and Advance Notification Service for the July 2011 Security Bulletin Release

Hello all —

This week we released a special Security Intelligence Reportthat showcases some of the data we amassed in the wake of the big Rustock botnet takedown in the spring of 2010. The new SIR also delves into the diplomacy, secrecy and intellectual property law that all played important roles in the successful international effort that led to the takedown of the Rustock botnet on March 16. This was Microsoft’s second global botnet takedown effort, after Waledac in February, 2011.

In addition, as part of our normal monthly bulletin cadence, we’re providing our Advance Notification Service for July’s security bulletins today. This month we’ll release four bulletins, one of them rated Critical and three rated Important, addressing issues in Microsoft Windows and Office. We’ll close 22 vulnerabilities with those bulletins.

The bulletin release is once again slated for the second Tuesday of the month – July 12th at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Come back to this blog then for our official risk and impact analysis, as well as deployment guidance and a brief video overview of the month’s highlights.

The monthly technical webcast next week will be hosted once again by Jerry Bryant and Dustin Childs. We invite you to tune in and learn more about the new security bulletin releases as well as other announcements to be made on Tuesday. That webcast is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. PDT (UTC -7), and the registration form can be found here.

For all the latest information, you can also follow the MSRC team on Twitter at @MSFTSecResponse.

Thank you,

Angela Gunn
Trustworthy Computing.